Det här är inläggets utdrag

We are a group, a minority and a community, who has felt unrepresented, invisible, questioned and tokenized by Swedish cis-male- and white-dominated institutions, civil society organizations and public space.
We constantly face racism, sexism, islamophobia and LGBTQIA+phobia on individual, structural and societal levels.
Our existence in Swedish society is questioned and our bodies are exotified and dehumanized. Safe spaces where we are represented and where we are accepted are non-existent and threats of deportations, gentrification, violence and alienation are constantly present.
This everyday brutality is exhausting but we are resilient.
We own our narratives, our struggle and our fight against oppression.
We are a group of queer people of color who wants to speak out, to represent and to be there for each other.
As a queer person of color, join our movement and as a white-ally or POC-ally or queer-ally, use your privileges to support us.
We are here and we are queer people of color.
/ SQI-Syd